Back Stretcher for A muscular man with a backache

Back Stretcher :20 Benefits of Elongating Spine (Plus Our Favorite Back Stretcher)

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Back Stretcher – 20 Benefits of Elongating the Spine

Back Stretcher for A muscular man with a backache

Did you know a back stretcher can offer long term pain relief from chronic, acute, and severe back pain when used regularly. They can also help athletes such as runners, sprinters, and ballet dancers to improve their posture and flexibility.

However, for back pain victims, I think you’ll agree when I say

Back care is very important especially if you have a weak back or have injured your back.

Unfortunately, many back pain sufferers resign themselves to expensive physiotherapy treatment, steroid injections and nasty painkillers with long lasting side effects.

In this post, I will show you…

back stretcher to elongate back20 Benefits of back stretchers and…

How you can overcome your back pain and strengthen your back. You can even reverse old back injuries and future proof your back. Another benefit of stretching your back twice a day for 5 minutes is you’ll probably add inches to your height too!

So what’s the secret?…

The secret is stretching your back passively for 5 to 10 minutes, this will elongate the spine over a period of time. Eventually, you’ll be able to banish pack pain, reverse injury, future proof your back, and add inches to your height.

So without further ado, let’s get into the 20 benefits of using a back stretcher.

20 Benefits of Using a Back Stretcher

Lumbar Extender Back StretcherBenefit 1: A Back Stretcher offer Passive Stretching

Stretching your back is hard work especially if you’ve got an injury or a weak back. Sometimes we just don’t have the time to go through the monotonous task of going through all the stretching exercise.

With a back stretcher, all you have to do is lie on top of the device and just relax for 5 minutes while the back stretcher passively stretches your muscle. It’s so convenient.

Benefit 2: A Back Stretcher is Inexpensive

A decent back stretcher costs under $100 dollars, this is very inexpensive when you compare this to steroid shots and painkillers which could cost you up to $100 per month or more.

Physiotherapy is also expensive compared to let’s say and orthopedic back stretcher or wooden back stretcher. You could end up shelling out tens of thousands of dollars using physiotherapy for the full benefits and spend hours going through the treatment.

Benefit 3: A Back Stretcher is a One Time Investment

How to Use the Lumbar Extender Back StretcherThe back stretcher I recommend is a one-time investment. The lumbar back stretcher or the arched back stretcher can last a lifetime because it’s very durable.

Bearing in mind how expensive back care can be this one-time investment can save you thousands of dollars.

Benefit 3: A Back Stretcher is Relatively Painless

Something like the magic back stretcher or the lynx back stretcher which are specifically designed for back pain can be relatively painless to use. When you initially use these machines you will experience slight pain but it goes away eventually as your spine begins to stretch.

Compared to injecting your back and taking nasty painkillers these anti-gravity devices are relatively painless.

Benefit 4: A Back Stretcher Elongated Your Spine

Back Stretcher helps with Spine PainOver time the effects of gravity reduce the volume of the spinal discs. In a nutshell, the spine becomes shorter, crooked and weaker. This is further compounded by the use of a computer which makes you hunch forward.

A back stretcher like the Stretchmate back stretcher can quickly stretch the spine which helps to replenish the fluid in the discs. This will help to restore a healthy and strong back.

Benefit 5: A Back Stretcher Improves Flexibility

If your lower back and upper back feel stiff the chances are your muscles are very tense and could do with a stretch. You could try expensive physiotherapy or wear tight to visit a Yoga facility.

Or, you could just lie on top of a Chisoft back stretcher to release the tension in your back. When you do release that tension you benefit from increased circulation and better overall wellbeing.

Benefit 5: A Stretching Device Improves Posture

Stretching devices are great to improve posture. When you sit all day hunched in front of a computer you’re just asking for trouble in the future.

Rather than accepting your fate of future back pain you could lie on top of a stretching device and just let the stretcher work its magic passively so your posture is restored to its original position.

Benefit 6: You Might Add Inches to Your Height

As you stretch your back the spine elongates and the discs fill with fluid. Over time the fluid is retained and the spine becomes straighter.

You will notice like I did a height increase of anything between 1 to 3 inches. Just imagine if you could add 3 inches to your height!

Benefit 7: Improve Circulation in the Back

When you have stiff muscles in your lower and upper back your circulation of blood is compromised. You will feel tired and lethargic all the time.

By using lower back stretcher you can restore the circulation over time. I noticed an improvement when my back flexibility and posture improved, I felt so much more energy.

Benefit 8: Back Stretchers are Portable

When you have chronic, acute, or severe back pain you’ll know that consistency is key. When you stop your stretching your pain returns.

With portable back stretchers, you won’t have to worry because you can take your stretching device with you. While inverted back stretchers can be hugely beneficial you can’t take them everywhere!

Benefit 9: Overcome Bulging Disc Pain

Anyone who has bulging disc pain knows how painful this can be, Fortunately, something like the spinal stretch back stretcher or stretch mate orthopedic can overcome this pain.

This stretching device helps relieve the pressure of the bulging disc which allows the spine to heal. It does take a little time but its definitely worth the investment in money and time.

Benefit 10: Restores Proteoglycans in the Spine

As we age the concentration of Proteoglycans withing the fluid of the spine reduces. Proteoglycans are essential for back health. Basically, the higher the concentration the stronger your spine.

With something like the Teeter or Ultimate Back Stretchers you can increase the osmotic action of the Proteoglycans (More Proteoglycans enter the Fluid in the spine) and your spine will feel hydrated and strong.

Benefit 11: Keeps Spine Hydrated and Plumped Up

Investing in a high quality 100 dollars back stretcher can help to keep the spine hydrated and plumped up.

As you begin to stretch your spine water and vital fluids are sucked back into the spine and you feel amazing. If you’re a bodybuilder you’ll notice an overall improvement in strength and flexibility too.

Benefit 12: Vs. Inverted Back Stretcher and Hanging Stretchers

Inverted backs stretchers and hanging stretchers are the gold standard for elongating your back. However, they can be expensive and it’s not something you can use immediately.

With a conventional back stretcher, you don’t have to pay 300 to 500 dollars for a quality inverted back stretching machine. You can eventually graduate to this machine once you have your back pain under control along with better flexibility and posture.

Benefit 13: Can Relieve Compression of a Sciatic Nerve

When our spine comes under pressure over time we might experience nerve pain. This is caused as nerves become trapped between the discs of the spine. This can be ridiculously painful!!

Fortunately, a back stretcher chair or a back stretcher roller can release the trapped nerve by elongating the spine over a period of time. You must not spend thousands in surgery before investing in these stretching devices because it will overcome the pain from the Sciatic Nerve.

Benefit 14: Avoid Total Herniation of Disc

If you suffer from Herniation you could avoid Total Herniation of Disc by using a Dr. Oz Back Stretcher. Again, this device works simply by stretching out the spine and allowing the body to heal without any nasty pills or expensive physio and surgery. It’s so simple.

Benefit 15: Avoid Spinal Degeneration and Lower Back Arthritis

5 minutes per day twice a day can help prevent spinal degeneration diseases and arthritis. If you have a family history of lower back Arthritis you must use a back arch stretcher or a back stretcher roller to future proof your back.

Benefit 16: You Will Feel Stronger

After using this for 6 months I felt great. I felt stronger and could lift heavier weights despite having a recent back injury and weak back.

What usually happens is more quality nutrients enter the spine and make it stronger overall. This is something a bodybuilder, athlete, or ballet dancer should consider using to optimize their performance.

Benefit 17: You can Use this in Your Bed

I use the lumbar extender back stretcher on my bed. I have a hard bed and put this device on top of the mattress and lie on top of it for about 5 minutes. This is so convenient and helps with being consistent.

Benefit 18: Counteracts the Effect of Gravity

If you work in a high rise building then the effects of gravity on your spine are immense. You don’t notice this but over time your spine does degenerate.

By using the Lumbar Extender Back stretcher you can overcome the effects of gravity so you keep your back in shape and don’t lose vital inches from your height.

Benefit 19: Slow Down Aging

By using the lumbar extender back stretcher you will increase the concentration of Proteoglycans in your spine. Your spine and nerves will feel healthier and this will contribute to youth as the load on your nervous system is lifted.

Benefit 20: Great for Your Sex Life

Once you strengthen your back muscles along with flexibility and posture your performance in bed will shoot up literally, I kid you not. This happens because you feel less pain and have stronger muscles to elevate your pleasure levels, I definitely noticed the difference.

My Recommendation

If you’re now inspired to buy a back stretcher you should think of this as a one-time investment and purchase a quality back stretcher that will not only last a lifetime but, will give you long term pain relief thanks to its patented design to follow the curvature of the spine.

Lumbar Extender Back StretcherMy favorite stretcher is the Lumbar Extender Back stretcher, I’ve tried most of the back stretchers under the sun and this has been the most effective and others agree to when your read the reviews for this product. You can read more about it here and purchase the lumbar extender back stretcher ==>here.

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I can’t recommend this enough, take action, this will make a difference in your life. I wish you all the best.