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Wooden Back Stretcher – Eliminate Back Pain Decompress Spine & Grow Taller

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Wooden Back Stretcher

Eliminate Back Pain Decompress Spine & Grow Taller

Wooden Back StretcherA Wooden back stretcher can help you overcome and eliminate severe back pain. The wooden back stretcher can also decompress the spine and help you grow up to 3 inches taller within 9 months.

I Think You’ll Agree with the following….

Most people would bite your hands off if you offered them pain relief from severe back pain. The offer would become even sweeter if you offered them an addition 3 inches in height!

In This Post….

I will share how I was able to overcome and eliminate my back pain within 9 months and add 3 extra inches to my height using a back stretcher…

Before I do I wanted to share what I learnt about my severe back pain and how you can use normal back stretchers and wooden back stretchers to overcome this problem.

Wooden Back Stretcher in RedWhat Back Pain can a Wooden Back Stretcher Be Used For?

A wooden back stretcher can be used for a variety of back problems. 

In particular you can use a wooden back stretcher for the following…

  • Sciatica
  • Upper Back Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Herniated Disc
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Spinal Decompression
  • Dgenerative Disc Disease
  • Slepped Disc
  • Shooting Sciatic Pain

20 Benefits of Using a Back Stretcher

Back Stretcher for SciaticaI suffered with back pain for years and used painkillers and injections to keep going. I took a course of physiotherapy but it was too expensive to continue.

At one stage I was even contemplating surgery but thankfully my physiotherapist introduced my to a wooden back stretcher and my life changed.

If you have any of the back problems listed above then you must invest in a wooden back stretcher or any kind of back stretcher.

My All Time Favrorite Back Stretcher

What is a Wooden Back Stretcher?

back stretcher to elongate backA wooden back stretcher is a back stretching device which has an arched shape.

The shape of the arch follows the spine.

The wooden back stretcher can be used to overcome severe back pain, realign a crooked spine, and improve posture and flexibility. The back stretching device can also help to future proof your back so you don’t have back pain in the future.

How Does a Wooden Back Stretcher Work?

back stretching device for severe back painA wooden back stretcher like the Sae Arc Two in One Back & Lumbar Stretcher works by decompressing the spine.

You lie on top of the Sae Arc Two in One Back & Lumbar Wooden back Stretcher.

When you lie your back on top your upper bacl and lower back muscles begin to stretch and relax passively. This means you don’t have to do anything, you just lie on top of it.

Once your muscles start to relax the spine begins to stretch slowly and decompress.

When you use this regularly like 10 minutes twice a day your spine will begin to stretch and your back begins to heal.

All the nasty back pain begins to subside and after 9 months of coninuous use your back health should be restored and you will be left with a strong back which is flexible with an amazing posture.

You may also gain 3 inches in height like I did….

How Does a Wooden Back Stretcher Eliminate Back Pain?

Back Stretcher for A muscular man with a backacheYou can eliminate back pain by using the Sae Arc Two in One Back & Lumbar Wooden back Stretcher.

When you use the back stretching device consistently your spine begins to decompress.

New blood flows into the spinal discs and any damage is repaired.

If you have a misaligned spine the wooden back stretcher will stretch the vertebrae and staighten all the discs out. This sorts out Sciatic pain, bulging disc pain, and a slipped disc.

When you use the wooden back stretcher consistently your begins to heal permanently until its strong enough to overcome these problems on its own.

What I noticed is consistency is the key. You must use this religiously to get the full benefits.

You must also buy a good quality wooden back stretcher. Don’t make the mistake of buying a cheap back stretching device because you will not get the full benefits.

Bearing in mind physio and surgery costs thousands of dollars spending 46 dollars on Sae Arc Two in One Back & Lumbar Wooden back Stretcher is an excellent return on investment.

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How Does a Wooden Back Stretcher Increase Height?

I get asked this question a lot.

How I Increased MY Height Using a Back Stretcher

Over 9 months of religiously using the lumbar extender back stretcher (my personal favorite), I was able to add 3 inches to my height.

Lumbar Extender Back StretcherI think what happens is your spine is stretched to its maximum potential and you add inches to your height.

If you think about it modern life is full of strain! The effects of gravity, sitting in a poor position, and stress put a lot of pressure on the spine.

When pressure is applied to the spine it compresses and you lost your height, or you don’t reach your maximum potential.

What the Sae Arc Two in One Back & Lumbar Wooden back Stretcher does is it consistently stretches the spine and enables you to reach your maximum potential.

For me this happened between month 1 to month 8. I’m not sure if everyone will gain 3 inches but it worked for me when I used it religiously over 9 months.

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Exact Method of Use to Get All Benefits

For me consistency was the key!

I used the back stretcher religiously twice a day for 10 minutes.

I eventually progressed to use the back stretcher 3 times a day for 15 to 20 minutes, such was my dedication.

I was fed up with back pain and when I saw I was making progress I just kept doing it and the height increase was a nice side effect.

This is how you should use the Sae Arc Two in One Back & Lumbar Wooden back Stretcher

  • Month 1 & 2: 5 minutes in the morting and evening on LEVEL 1
  • Month 3 & 4: 10 Minutes in morning and evening on LEVEL 2
  • Month 5 & 6: 15 Minutes Twice a day on LEVEL 2
  • Month 6 Onwards: 20 Minutes 3 times per day on LEVEL 2

If you follow this method at the very least you will reduce your back pain. The maximum benefits would be eliminated back pain and height increase.

Best Wooden Back Stretcher 

The best for me in the wood category was the Sae Arc Two in One Back & Lumbar Wooden back Stretcher.

This product can be used for upper and lower back problems and lumbar support.

What I like is it has two height adjustment levels so you can start slow and gradually progress. Remember consistency is key! so starting slow makes sense.

The Sae Arc Two in One Back & Lumbar Wooden back Stretcher will help to self-align spine using your own body weight. If you don’t weight a lot you can add some weight on top.

The Sae Arc Two in One Back & Lumbar Wooden back Stretcher will resstore a misaligned vertebrae and relieve back pain.

What I like about the Sae Arc Two in One Back & Lumbar Wooden back Stretcher is it is 100% handcrafted with the best premium maple wood, this means it will last a long time.

Where Can I Buy Wooden Back Stretcher

You can buy the Sae Arc Two in One Back & Lumbar Wooden back Stretcher from Amazon for under 36 dollars. If you have a prime membership it may be cheaper.

My personal favorite is the Lumbar Extender Back Stretcher, however, you should try the Sae Arc Two in One Back & Lumbar Wooden back Stretcher to see how it feels for you.

Bearing in mind that this only costs 36 dollars it was a game changer for me. It eliminated my back pain and gave me 3 inches to my height!

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Should I Buy a Wooden Back Stretcher?

You must buy a wooden back stretcher if you have back pain or just want to improve posture and flexibility.

Back Stretcher have been a game changer for me. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this would happen.

If you have back pain and want a permanent solution without breaking the back you should invest in a wooden back stretcher.

FAQ on Sae Arc Two in Wooden back Stretcher

Here are some of the Questions and Answers for The Sae Arc on Amazon

Q: How Does it Work?


If you are asking how well does it work…. great, very relaxing. I almost think with the extra height attachment it is even more comfortable. I can sometimes hear vertebra going back into proper alignment while relaxing on it. The construction quality of the piece is very good as well. I am about 5’9″ and use it.

By P. Kazek on August 10, 2016

I start at the lower back and hold in that position about two minutes, then the mid back and finally the upper. I also us it behind my back as a lumbar support when I am sewing or working on the computer to help with posture. There are some youtube videos from the manufacturer that show some more exercises you can do.

By Big Cat Designs on August 10, 2016

You just lay on the floor slide the board under your back and let gravity do its thing it’s a little uncomfortable in the beginning but you adjust to it after a few times using it
By Amazon Customer on August 10, 2016

I place it on the floor and begin by resting my neck and upper shoulders on it. As the muscles stretch, I move further up the board ending with the board in the lumbar spine area. I spend a lot of time sitting at a computer and find this is a great way to open the spine up.

By Amazon Customer on August 10, 2016


The wedge show on the bottom right is the adjustment. Lifts the wedge about 1 inch higher giving less of a curve.

By Big Cat Designs on December 26, 2014

Reviews of Sae Arc Two in Wooden back Stretcher

5.0 out of 5 starsWorks well for me

on July 23, 2014

Color: Green|Verified Purchase

Fast shipping, good product. I’m glad that I paid a little more to buy a solid product. My back loves it, btw I’m a big guy over 6 ft and it fits me. I used it for two stretches, the lower back lumbar area and mid back just below the shoulder blades.

5.0 out of 5 stars I always have back problems and tired of paying lots …

on July 21, 2014

Color: Black|Verified Purchase

I always have back problems and tired of paying lots of money for a chiropractor. Yes, many of us have to make that occasional visit, but in between time, this gadget works! Every morning right out of bed and in the evening before bed does it for me. Give it time, and you may see results.

4.0 out of 5 stars Takes time.

on September 11, 2014

Color: Black|Verified Purchase

My lower pain is sometimes very painful. And laying on this board at first was painful. Over time, with continued use, I can lay on the board at longer intervals without pain. So there is some value here. I have yet to use the extension, which raises the board into a higher arc. But I am happy with the progress that I have made so far.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great purchase

on June 22, 2014

Color: Black|Verified Purchase

Nice looking. Comfortable. Fixed my back pain after a week of hiking. Use it for ten min every night and my low back has never felt better. Great purchase.

4.0 out of 5 stars I love this thing

on December 24, 2014

Color: Black|Verified Purchase

Very simple but effective. I love this thing. You lie on it at every joint on your spine from neck to tail bone and it gives a gentle, straightening push, based on your weght. It can temporarily eliminate lower back and / or sciatic pain simply by placing it under your tailbone while placing your feet on the floor with bent knees. Remember, do not use it too long or it will leave you sore for up to two days. I have scoliosis, degenerated spine, missing cartilage, bone on bone joints and bone spurs. This device helps me to cope. I recommend everyone get this and use it, cautiously.

3.0 out of 5 stars IT’S OK.

on March 7, 2015

Color: Red|Verified Purchase

Don’t use it much. Hard hard hard. Had to put triple folded towel on it so it wouldn’t hurt my spine, then again, I am 62 years old. I have always draped myself backwards over an exercise ball. I think I may have to stick to that but for younger people I’m sure this would be an amazing little tool. Just take it slow.

5.0 out of 5 stars A unique stretching device

on August 13, 2016

Color: Blue|Verified Purchase

My ex has one of these. I tried it out at her place and it felt good on my L4 bulging disc. So I got me one and have been using it 5-10 mins everyday, for about a week. It may be too early to say for sure, but I think I am experiencing less of the sciatica-type pain down my left leg than before, and it is less intense. I plan to keep on using it, regardless. It just feels great on my back.

7 thoughts on “Wooden Back Stretcher – Eliminate Back Pain Decompress Spine & Grow Taller

  1. Dave Parks

    Thanks for sharing this comprehensive post. I read it all and found it useful.
    I have been having back pain for a while now, should I start with the lumbar extender back stretcher and then go onto the Sae Arc Wooden Back stretcher. Is there anything else I can do to accelerate the healing?

    1. Admin Post author

      No problems Dave, happy to help.
      To accelerate healing use the back stretchers as often as you can. The more you stretch your back the stronger it will get. Also, try taking a quality supplement like Fish oil and glucosamine to help with the joints.
      If you need more advice, feel free.

  2. Miles Cameron

    Very thorough post.
    I never knew a back stretcher could offer this kind of relief.
    I will be writing about it on my blog.
    Is there any back stretcher in particular that is head and shoulders above the rest?

    1. Admin Post author

      Thanks Miles.
      The best back stretchers are as follows
      1. The Lumbar Extender Back stretcher
      2. The Sae Arc Wooden Back Stretcher
      3. The Stretch Mate Orthopedic Back stretcher
      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Quentin Grant

    Will this work on lower back pain.
    I write for the University of Maryland Medical Center and this post got me intrigued.
    I had no idea that back stretchers could accomplish what you’ve achieved.
    Great post and keep up the good work.

    1. Admin Post author

      Thanks Quentin.
      I am happy to write about my experiences for the University of Maryland Medical Center if given the opportunity. I think more people would find this beneficial.

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